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Payroll Compliance – ISO 27001 Certification

Datacom has been granted ISO 27001 status after a gruelling process that tested our ability to manage risk and ensure our clients have the level of security needed to make sure they don’t become another headline news.

Implications of a Four-Day Work Week

This has become a reality for employees of some local and international businesses that have implemented a flexible working arrangement that challenges the traditional five-day work week.

But what does this all mean in terms of payroll compliance?

Download the article to find out more.

Payroll Compliance

Legislation governing payroll can be complex and confusing.

Here at Datacom, one of our core objectives is to help our customers be compliant with all payroll-related legislation. However, it is vitally important to understand that payroll compliance is dependent on a number of variables.

In this guide, we will explore if payroll compliance is a myth.

Payday Filing Guidelines

At Datacom we work with New Zealand authorities, such as the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) to ensure we develop market leading payroll products that are regularly updated to accommodate legislation changes, in particular changes to social policy.

In this guide, we will highlight the new requirement that changes the way businesses must submit employee payroll information to the IRD.

Shifting Payroll Left

“Shift Left” is a strategy developed in the IT world that seeks to improve both the efficiency and quality of IT support provided to users and increase the speed of learning to avoid mistakes.

Efficiency, quality and avoiding mistakes are also highly valued in the payroll sector, so the principles and theory behind Shift Left are increasingly being adopted here.

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