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Enterprise Payroll Software

DataPay is a powerful, cost effective payroll software platform that supports complex workforce requirements.

DataPay is a sophisticated business application. 

As a multi-tenanted cloud based payroll system, DataPay is your payroll and HRIS solution ensuring the management of accurate, confidential employee personal and financial data. The application has been developed by our expert software development teams who continually improve functionality and ensuring we are compliant with the latest regulations and legislation.  We maintain the highest security levels of confidential information. 


As a cloud hosted solution, DataPay provides businesses with the flexibility to scale and always delivers the latest version of software accessible in any device, at anytime. There is no further requirement to manage manual updates to legislative changes or to spend budget on software upgrades or new hardware. When your employee numbers grow or consolidate, we accommodate with our flexible cost arrangement.


DataPay gives you the following benefits:

1.  Flexibile - accommodates business change
2.  Scalable - without on premise budget costs
3.  No Upgrade costs - continuous seamless roadmap development
4.  Integration - streamline with other financial and HR tools
5.  Employee engagement - mobile access for efficiency
6.  Secure - reliable full disaster recovery
7.  Insights - analytics and reporting
8.  Customer support - local phone and online assistance whenever you need

DataPay can be partnered with a range of our complementary products such as Employee Self-Service Portal, the Executive Dashboard, our Mobile Application and HR. This means your organisation will gain a full payroll system as well as a Core HR management platform.

We offer a range of complementary services too, including Automated Banking, PAYE Intermediary services, Payslip Printing, Payroll Consulting and pay clerking, a full outsourced payroll service if this is your preference.

You can trust that DataPay will save you time and is your completely reliable Payroll and Core HR Management Platform.


Executive Dashboard

A significant volume of complex and insightful data is held within a payroll system. 

Our Executive Dashboard allows you to access and view the analytics results by means of widgets that display statistics in a graphical and easy to understand format.

All data displayed is in real-time, accessed directly from the current live database.

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Employee Self Service - Direct AccessIcons_S_ESS_sized

Direct Access is Datacom's employee self-service portal. Direct Access offers greater engagement with employees, allowing them  the flexibility to do more in terms of their personal files, pay details, leave and much more.

Designed so that it is simple to navigate, intuitive, and utilised effectively by employees without training.  Direct Access requires no extensions to standard browsers and auto formats  for viewing on mobile devices. 

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Icons_S_HR_sizedHuman Resources - DataHR

While all organisations are different, DataHR provides a business with the HRIS flexibility and functionality required, at a reasonable cost.

Many legacy Human Resource (HR) systems are mostly paper based, stored across multiple spreadsheets or files, with limited integration or functionality. A generic-but-complex HR system designed on the one-size-fits-all basis will not give you insights, flexibility, security, current compliance or reliability of current information.

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Mobile Application - MyPayIcons_S_MobileApp_sized

We’ve changed the way your employees can engage with you about their personnel information.

Being mobile is the name of the game, so we provide mobile applications for your employees so they can instantly access their payroll information.

MyPay enables employees to update personal details, check payslips, review and apply for leave wherever, whenever.

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Reporting Icons_S_Reporting_sized

Uncover and extract information direct from your payroll database.

A lot of valuable data is contained within a sophisticated payroll software solution. We provide access to a multi layered range of records and statistics for analysis to deliver actionable insights from this information.

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PAYE IntermediaryIcons_S_PAYE_sized

We’ve been providing PAYE Intermediary services to businesses since 2003.

Today, we are the largest PAYE Intermediary provider to over 12,000 companies. We have a robust system that handles large volume of transactions involved in keeping track of our clients PAYE obligations and payments in addition to our standard payroll products and services.

Why risk penalties for unpaid PAYE. There is no surer way to turn your business into a business crisis or a collapse than to not pay your PAYE.

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Icons_S_OutsourcedOutsourced Payroll - EasiPay

We’ll handle all of your payroll requirements, so you can get back to business. Simple, inexpensive and hassle free.

We’ve been providing outsourced payroll services to thousands of Australasian businesses for half a century. Our payroll bureau team can smoothly manage the entirety of your payroll needs making it simpler and cheaper than ever before. 

Your time is valuable. The importance and complexity of payroll mean that it needs focus. Let us help, by choosing us to run your payroll for you with our payroll bureau service.

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