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Outsourced Payroll Services

Simple, inexpensive and hassle free


Let us manage your payroll requirements, so you can focus on your business

We have been providing outsourced payroll services to thousands of businesses across New Zealand and Australia for over 50 years. Our payroll bureau team can smoothly manage the entirety of your payroll needs making it simpler and cheaper than ever before.

A small business can often use simple software like NetPay to process payroll, but the workload and complexity grows quickly. Outsourcing payroll to our EasiPay team means that you’ll benefit from a team of payroll professionals, ensuring accurate payroll processing, on time, every time. 

Our payroll outsourcing team uses DataPay. This means that if your business grows to a size where you would rather hire your own payroll managers and bring your payroll back in-house, you can do so without changing payroll software.

Simplicity at work
You provide our team with the following information and we will do the rest: 

•   Time sheet for waged staff
•   Leave details for absent staff
•   Changes in employment terms
•   New hires of staff exits

 Benefits of outsourcing

Outsourcing reduces overhead costs and we help your business comply with payroll related legislation. You do not need to worry about the overhead of additional specialised staff such human resource or payroll experts.
You have access to our team of specialists and we will ensure your payroll calculations and processing is current and delivered on time.
We will provide you with reports so your managers can review and approve before final processing. Upon approval, your banking is all taken care of – wages are deducted from your bank and credited into employees’ accounts.

All reports are delivered automatically using the same encryption that the banks use.

Our Cloud hosted solution means we have full back up and disaster recovery procedures.

Your time is valuable. The importance and complexity of payroll means that it needs focus. Let the Datacom outsourcing team provide security with experts to run your payroll.


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