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The Datacom Difference

The right balance of experience, expertise and care


We are committed to ongoing development of Australasia's leading Payroll and Human Resource Solutions

Why Datacom Payroll?

For over 50 years, our award-winning Payroll has helped business across Australia and New Zealand.

This year, Datacom was awarded Payroll Provider of the Year at the New Zealand Payroll Practitioners' Associations (NZPPA) 12th Annual Payroll Conference.

The award recognises Datacom as the payroll provider that delivers exceptional service to a business who helped and assisted payroll professionals in their work to achieve essential outcome, and have provided tools and functionality that aids with the processing of payroll in terms of compliance, cost effectiveness and best practice.

We are committed and invested to deliver ongoing innovative solutions that meet all our customers' changing requirements.

We all know that problematic payroll systems can damage employee engagement, at Datacom we believe that by combining good design and technology with an understanding of employee engagement, a payroll system can actually facilitate great employee experience.

Today Datacom is Australasia’s’ largest cloud-based payroll provider. We support over 15,000 New Zealand and Australian organisations ranging from small business entities to Enterprise, in the public and private sectors. 
We like to call it the Datacom difference.

Improving staff engagement with 
Payroll Software 

Payroll has the potential to either destroy or improve employee engagement


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What Makes Us Different?


It’s no surprise that the legislation governing payroll can be complex and confusing. With the increased scrutiny by regulatory agencies over recent years, it’s easy to see why compliance is at the forefront of many organisations’ minds when it comes to choosing a payroll provider.

Here at Datacom, one of our core objectives is to help our customers be compliant with all payroll-related legislation. To do this, we continue to invest significantly in our payroll systems to enable compliance.

Employee Engagement

Research shows that an engaged workforce is more productive and willing to put in discretionary effort. They are also more likely to stay longer in an organisation which thereby reduces the cost associated with churn. We know that problematic payroll systems can destroy employee engagement, but also that smart systems and processes can improve employee engagement. We continue to invest in our products where we can see an opportunity to lift employee engagement.

Payroll Efficiency in the Cloud

Any payroll software’s fundamental purpose is to make payroll professionals more efficient by automating calculations and reducing errors. We continue to invest in smart ways to further the efficiency of payroll professionals by providing access to functionality that reduces the workload of the payroll or finance teams. We host our solution in the Cloud - so you will always have access to the most up to date and compliant software.


Not only do we integrate with your general ledger, but with other HRIS, Time and Attendance and Onboarding specialised solutions. Our customers will be supported with their standard business practices and functions to ensure one seamless experience. We continue to develop and improve our set of APIs to integrate our payroll system with other products so that our clients are free to choose best-in-class systems for all their business requirements.

Analytics & Reporting

A lot of valuable data is contained within a sophisticated payroll software solution. We provide access to a multi layered range of records and statistics for analysis to deliver actionable insights from this information. We support both standard reports on employee financials and when added to Power BI you will be presented with business analytics for truly informed decision making and detailed analytics.

Customer Support

You need to be confident that you will pay your staff accurately and legally. With the ever changing landscape of payroll legislation, a "set and forget" approach is one that should be prevented. We have been in the payroll business since 1967 and are here to support all our clients. We provide free Helpdesk support, you can call on us when you're in a payroll pickle and draw on our payroll experience and expertise.

Key benefits




Icons_S_Reduced Risk

Reduced Risk

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Manage Cost

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Compliance Support



Flexible and Scalable Solutions


Competitive Pricing

Business Sector Solutions

Over the last 5 decades our expert teams have been working across all business sectors and within industries to understand their unique functions and challenges. Whether you are in a service related SMB (small and medium-sized business) with the demands of flexible, or seasonal staff of a large utilities enterprise with remote based workers and more complex worker compliance requirements, we understand.

We have a payroll solution that suits your business size.
If you prefer to not manage the payroll function in-house, then Datacom Payroll's bureau service will be most suitable. 

Enterprise Payroll - DataPay


As a large business, the management of financials and people are core. An executive team will be ensuring that all legal obligations, operating costs, revenue streams and recruitment are aligned. Ensuring an organisation is compliant with legal commitments, error free when managing payroll, retaining the best talent and understanding the costs of not doing so, requires real data insights and error free processes. Our DataPay solution has been developed for large organisation to support the management of such accountabilities. DataPay also integrates with Xero - we take the pressure to ensure compliance and that all payments are managed and details sent to your tax agent at the right time.

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Outsourced Payroll - EasiPay


There are many organisations that would like to have key business processes managed by external specialists. The function of managing a payroll can be time consuming and requires detailed and error free processing. Outsourcing has so many advantages and can be well leveraged as staff needs change, with new legislation managed on your behalf and without the business needing to invest in payroll staff, hardware and software programmes.
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Business Roles

With a backdrop of persistent political, economic and social change, business leaders today have had to broaden their scope of activity within their organisations to stay ahead. We understand the transformation within roles and the increasing demands of boards and executive teams to manage costs, increase margins and to ensure their workforce is healthy, engaged, motivated and productive.

The use of wider information sharing forums has also meant that businesses are open to more intensive review that ever. From the public on social media sharing customer experiences to employees' feedback tools about the culture and engagement within a workplace.

One key goal of any executive team is to remain out of the media if any internal issues or technical disasters occur. This is especially so when they impact employee engagement - their wages and salaries or loss of some entitlement due to error.

Chief Executive Officer


Today's CEO is increasingly encountering the influence of macro level dynamics on their business; economic, social, trade or political. At the micro or internal level there are factors impacting and influencing the organisation leader.

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Chief Financial Officer


Business must now meet increasingly complicated regulatory requirements and much of this rests with the CFO for the big items such as payroll management, human resource or employee related compliance.

Human Resources Director/Manager


The role and function held by Human resource leaders has changed a lot of the last few years. Senior leaders in this field are on executive teams and require depth and breadth of knowledge in many areas related to the organisation's employees. 

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Business Owner/Director


For any small to medium business owner the uncertainty in business is directly influenced by the management of cashflow. The need to grow a company, attract and keep talented key staff, and balance the budgets for recruiting necessary support roles like finance and human resource, can be a challenge. The business owner maintains a CEO and often CFO and CIO role within their remit.

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Chief Information Officer


CIOs are fundamental to the success of any business and have the knowledge and expertise to impact the bottom line. Their primary role is to influence the investment decisions and offer technology solutions that will help power the business and deliver on the digital transformation strategies set by the organisation. Providing the organisation with the tools to gain greater insights to drive revenues and the technology to minimise costs. 

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Payroll Manager


Despite the skills and talents that exists with those managing the payroll function, errors can still occur. The demands from the Executive team to provide more metrics and analytics about employees' costs and risks often means collating data from many disparate systems. The time for managing the regular payroll function is put under pressure with an increased volume of compliance and administration duties.  A changing workforce comes with more complexity for the payroll team.

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