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Since 1967, we have run payroll for thousands of Australasian businesses. We have the track record and expertise to help you with anything payroll related

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Icons_S_Legislation_sizedLegislation Updates

Legislation is always being updated. One area a business does not need to manage is a critical issue relating to being poorly advised or unaware of the impacts of non compliance. 

Stay informed about legislative changes and allow us to manage all these changes in our Payroll SaaS solutions.

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Access our resource library and review blogs, opinion pieces and whitepapers. With over 6,300 employees, we not only have access to experienced product development teams but also to experts in compliance and legislation, payroll fraud, cyber security and advanced technologies including Cloud.

Stay informed.

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Risk & Compliance

The right payroll system plays an important part in running a healthy organisation. It can help eliminate errors and solve payroll problems, improve productivity and engagement of employees, and ensure your business remains compliant with the latest rules and regulations.

But while businesses might be quick to grasp the many benefits of a great payroll solution... the actual task of transitioning and implementing a new system might not be so swift.

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Icons_S_ImproveEngagement-sizedImprove Employee Engagement

Being paid fairly, correctly and in line with contractual agreements and employment legislation is a legitimate expectation of any employee.

A failure to achieve any of these expectations can lead to employees losing trust in their employer, which is a basic requirement for building an engaged workforce. Payroll system failures can quickly undermine the efforts of other employment engagement initiatives.

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Icons_S_Engagement Tool_sized
Employee Engagement Tool

Payroll system failures can quickly undermine the efforts of other employment engagement initiatives.

Damage to employee engagement following payroll issues is generally one of the drivers for an employer to review or replace their existing payroll system.

We have created this engagement tool to help you gauge your organisation's employee engagement level.

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