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The DataPay database is a valuable repository of information


Uncover and extract information direct from your payroll database

A lot of valuable data is contained within a sophisticated payroll software solution. We provide access to a multi layered range of records and statistics for analysis to deliver actionable insights from this information. 

DataPay includes an extensive library of standard reports to meet most business requirements.
These reports provide greater insight and awareness on any payroll related information. These include; employee master files, staff turnover, head count analytics, starter details, termination specifics, staff remuneration changes, gross pay over specified date range, full-time equivalent (FTE) metrics, and financial year end reports.
DataPay can provide standard reports on any payroll related information and when added to Power BI you will be presented with business analytics for truly informed decision making.  Drill down to analyse detailed analytics such as salary cost by employee by location.

Payroll reporting made easy

It is easy to stay compliant, fulfill legal obligations and to gain greater insights with DataPay reports. All the most valuable information on payroll history, bank transactions, and payments is now supported by extensive employee and financial analytics.


Age and Salary Analysis

One of biggest cost centres in a business are wages and salaries.  

Labour costs can account for as much as 70% of total business costs, this includes employee wages, benefits, payroll or other related taxes.

Understanding these cost patterns and having the visibility and precise information on costs, age, experience and return is paramount. Tracking these expenses will allow you to ensure that you are budgeting and maintaining compliant records.


Attrition is commonly referred to as the churn of employees or their turnover. It can be considered as an unpredictable metric and uncontrollable or managed.  What causes employees to leave can be categorised as voluntary through natural causes like retirement or resignation or involuntary such as through sickness, termination or end of contract.

Attrition doesn't have to remain as guess work. Retention is about understanding what causes employees to leave voluntarily and to understand the impact of involuntary movements in the organisation. With DataPay you have the ability to use your data to have a predictable analysis of your attrition rate. 


DataPay also includes a report archiving facility. Reports can be saved and retrieved from the archive by authorised users and these will be password protected using the user’s current password. These reports will provide the ability to access information at an instant, giving a clear view of the entire payroll information for your organisation through precise reporting.

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