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Executive Dashboard

Powerful graphical interface displaying complex data using real-time information


Real time analytics and insights

Payroll systems hold complex and vital company data. The ability to view and analyse the power of the information contained is of critical business value with our Executive Dashboard.

This feature is core to the functioning of an efficient payroll solution enabling a business to monitor performance, identify costs, view employee functions and recognise performance metrics at a glance.

Standard dashboard widgets include: 

1.  Head Count
2.  Full-Time Equivalent
3.  Existing and New Staff Turnover
4.  Service Length
5.  Annual Leave Balance and Annual Leave
6.  Sick Leave Excess
7.  Service Anniversaries
8.  Flight Risk
9.  Leave Taken
10.  Percentage of Sick Days


Our Executive Dashboard allows you to simplify complex data using a set of widgets that display information in a graphical and easy to understand format, while still allowing the viewer to “drill down” on any data to understand its source and breakdown. Widgets can be easily customised and rearranged to cater to the user’s preference.

All data displayed is real-time and straight from the database. You can tailor it to display specific indicators, metrics and KPIs. Align business actions with corporate strategy, and boost productivity through the visual representation of your data.

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