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Payroll Software

No matter what size your organisation, we have a payroll solution to meet your needs

Payroll management is a critical function of any business no matter what size the organisation.

You can either choose to outsource the function or manage in house. Either way Datacom has a cloud-based payroll solution to support your company. Our subscription based model also means you are only charged for what you consume. 

Our payroll applications deliver efficiencies through cloud technology

As cloud payroll applications, you do not need to invest in hardware or software. You do not need to manage databases, install updates or upgrades.  

You simply connect to our applications online and you will always be accessing the most current and compliant version of our software.

Using our cloud applications means that your payroll software will be running in secure Australasian Data Centres on powerful servers that are managed by our own IT specialists. Your data will be replicated between two Data Centres so that whatever happens, your data will always be available. All you need is a connected device and you will be able to pay your employees.


Enterprise Payroll - DataPay

A sophisticated application that can be quickly implemented and which will meet the needs of most Australian or New Zealand businesses employing more than 100 employees.

DataPay can be partnered with DataHR to manage your HRIS requirements.

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We also offer a fully outsourced payroll service called EasiPay for your pay clerking requirements if you'd prefer. 


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